General Motors laid off 76,000 of its workers.

This animal feeds on flesh.

Physics is the basic physical science.

The soccer game is tomorrow.

They had to strive against natural calamities for ages.

When was the last time you revised your lessons at the library?

You're very aggressive.


I'd like two singles for three nights from the 21st for about sixty dollars a night.

This tool is of great use.

By law, begging in the street is forbidden.

On November 3rd, 1957, Sputnik 2 blasted into Earth orbit with a dog named Laika aboard. Laika, which is Russian for "Husky" or "Barker," had the real name of Kudryavka ("Little Curly").

Would Tor let me wear this?


I dropped Bud off at his friend's house.

I don't want to hurt Eileen any more than I already have.

I'll check upstairs.

He kept scaring her.

It's too far to walk to the station, so let's take a bus.

Ever the organizer, Reggie separates his Skittles into groupings of the same flavor before he eats them.

It's going to be cool this weekend.


A woman has escaped injury after her car was engulfed in flames.

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Without you, my life would have been totally empty.

I am sorry to have troubled you.

Everybody knows where Australia is.


I like to drink natural mineral water.


I prefer to write in French.

She went to a movie the other day.

I touched one.

Today is Wednesday.

When you're right, you're right.

Please forgive my son.

I'm looking forward to come in Turkey!

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Patty is part of the working poor.

I only have a single daughter.

Vistlik didn't give us any details.


Don't play on the job.

Kathy asked some of his friends for their opinions.

Why don't you help us?

I can't bear this any longer.

My battery is running out.

Only my mother understands me.

Look, today was 'sea harvest' so let's go forage for edible plants tomorrow!


The day before yesterday, I sent Mick an e-mail, but I haven't received any answer from him yet.

This is an unprecedented gesture.

Can you name any plants peculiar to Japan?

See what the baby is doing!

With 20/20 hindsight, he could tell why they lost the game.


But what is liberty without wisdom, and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint.

How could this have happened?

Are you a believer?

There's no one in the garden.

I am fighting for my future.

Elric is waiting with everyone else.

It's like a dream come true.

The orchardist grafted an apple bud onto the rootstock.

Dan speaks in an extremely aggressive manner.


I won a free car.


I want to buy some ski boots.

My family needs me and I need my family.

Dan didn't use a mobile.

I was mixed up by the confusing explanation.

Do you have any toys Rick can play with?

They were hanging tight until the police came to rescue them.

There's one problem with this.

The decision will merely have been delayed for a few more weeks.

If we can't trust NASA, does that mean that we didn't really go to the moon?

Ben ran a 100-meter race with Carl.

I'm looking out for them.

Why did you ask for my opinion if you'd already made up your mind anyway?

I did something wrong.

Don't you know cheese is made from milk?

Janice is always on the move.

Do you think Everett cares?

It was your child who tore my book to pieces.


Where there's a needle, there's a thread.

You're a child.

I've been thinking it over.


The star of the show was Meehan.

Somebody got there before us.

People in every walk of life go to church.


What has become of the book I put here yesterday?


A trial is a formal inquiry designed to prove and put upon record the blameless characters of judges, advocates and jurors.

He was made to check his papers by the chief.

I always wanted to see an Esperanto convention before I die.

I don't enjoy fighting.

This wildcard character stands for an unspecified symbol.


Will you wait for me?

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You can't give them that.

The country advanced in civilization.

He is the last person to speak ill of others.

He shall not come here again.

I wished her a good night.

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I'm not finished.


Charlene has serious problems.

When I was a child, I often went swimming in the sea.

I just need a break.

It's like the author's reading my mind.

We meet again in three hours.

That one's for me, too.

You're just like everyone else.

The palace has two wings, which flank a court of honor. Rows of columns join them with the main building.

The little boy was lost in the forest.

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Why is swimming not allowed in this river?


It's dark in this room.

It doesn't matter whether you come or not.

She was afraid the letter might fall into the wrong hands.

Too often, wisdom is simply prudence that has ground to a halt.

What makes you think I'd want to see that?

Chris noticed Kate walking through the neighborhood with a strange boy.

Give me a little more time.

He started going bald quite young.

Do you know what to write?


Sometimes the boys would play a trick on their teacher.

There's my ride.

So what do you think, Ramsey?

After falling off his bike, Suzan writhed around on the ground in pain.

I want to keep them with me.

Sometimes what we don't do is every bit as powerful as what we do.

Her daughter has been favoring her husband over her, so Leila has taken the opportunity to spend time with her other babies, gin and vermouth.

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Sometimes you don't have to speak the same language to understand each other.

Maybe you can help me find out where Stephe went.

You're exhausted.

Do you have to do this now?

I'll lose weight.

The boy is tired.

The woman is in front of a big rock.


Is my time up?

Joubert woke up the children and told them it was time for breakfast.

Ramiro noticed Micah looking down at the ground.

Would you follow me?

Suddenly, it looks bigger.


They are poorly educated.

Isn't it hard?

His mother must be proud.

Are you sure you can trust them?

I found it impossible to cross the road.

I hope it isn't the saddest answer.

Is the hotel close to the airport?

It isn't a prophecy.

I don't watch television.

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Is your father stern?

I have never tried to translate a book.

If you happen to hear of anybody that wants to buy a house, please let me know.

Such things are beyond my powers.

How to attract and keep new customers for a small business?

Can I get a lift back to the city with you?

She grew up in Australia.

This answer is useful for every similar future case.

We're friends of Danny's.


I'm a vegetarian, so I'd rather not have meat, if that's okay.


Let us forget this problem.


The focal point of the magnifying glass was only two inches from the object.

Managing your stocks with Big Wisdom shows that you are serious about investing!

You're safe if I'm with you.

I am pleasantly surprised.

This is a worthwhile endeavor.


I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

Lynnette rented a tuxedo for the prom.

Apparently, all Ernest's other problems are solved.

Please pay attention.

Irwin is an active person.

Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres and a population of about 5 million.

I think we can trust her.

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Please wait until I have finished writing this letter.

I'm tired of losing.

Come on, give me a hand.

I don't remember much of anything.

I am writing a thesis about international disputes after World War II.