My brother is consumed with ambition.

You're too kind, Sofia.


You will remain silent until further instructed.

You're just envious.

How do you spell YMCA?

Ahmet didn't want to go to school.

Noam didn't believe it for a second.

She knows she does not have any other choices.

Where were you this morning?

You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?

If you weren't careless, your word processor wouldn't break down.


Shut the door, please.

Donal was supposed to go to school today.

Is there any doubt?

I have a comic book in German.

We'll know the real story soon enough.

You will learn.

You should always ask for permission first.

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It's illegal!


We don't know why there's more matter than antimatter.

My dog is wagging his tail.

I want a new tennis racket.

I did everything right.

If I were a bad demolitionist, I wouldn't be sitting here discussing it with you now, would I?

The train has been delayed.

I'm not hungry either.


I have nothing in common with him.

Everybody knows I'm back, I think.

It is unlike him to be late.

It's against my morals.

He looked at me and smiled.


Carsten was not impressed.

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Andy is coming over for dinner.

I got grounded for 2 weeks.

The critics were unimpressed.


I won't let you harm him.

He has great influence over the medical world.

I owe you a breakfast.

Don't ever leave.

I've got them with me.


You can mix different foods in a blender.

What's Ric's connection?

You must have forgotten them at the office.


What's Germany's highest building?

Just give Russell a call.

The neighbor is walking her dog.

It has been exactly 90 days since the check was issued.

Mr. Tanaka is not at his desk right now.

I never got the chance to thank Dorothy.

You should take a closer look.

Terrance didn't give it to me.

It was one of the great discoveries in science.


If we stay here, we might be safe.

He looked unfriendly at first.

I should've told you the truth about me from the beginning.

I think the wind's dropping off.

He has one too.

I'll go meet her soon.

The church was built in the fifteenth century.

It's unusual for Marla to be so quiet.

Somebody farted in the elevator.

Pam and I live together.

You have no idea what's going on, do you?


Slip on your shoes.

How many days do you want to stay in Boston?

Let's respect the animals, because they are sentient beings.

I broke out into a cold sweat.

Clarence asked me if he could borrow my umbrella.

What was done to you doesn't excuse what you did.

We all helped with the harvest.

Julian shuddered.

Where did you overtake them?

Why are you in my house?

Mark was worried about you.

I need a ride.

Why are you lying to me?

I hope to return soon.

He is bright, and what is more, he is polite.

I know you must be hungry.

William wants me to stay for a couple of days.

He has such coarse manners!

Illness frustrated his plans for the trip.

Warriors only rest when they have won the victory. You have still another battle to fight, and it is the hardest of all.

We are influenced both by environment and by heredity.

Are you going to use that?

Is it too early to call them?

Elizabeth always takes sides with Hsi.

I love her, but the feeling is not mutual.

Metin wrote a lot of poems.

The sticks were laid across each other.

Bill is a volleyball player.

It may be that he is not a bad man.

Where did you find my wallet?

Don't sit there. That's Manuel's chair.


Nobody has made a decision yet.


I would rather stay at home than go to the movies tonight.

We need lumber to build a barn.

They haven't heard from Les.


We need you back in the office.

There are three men trapped in the cave.

What is the good of reading such books?

Sabrina and Robbin are up to no good.

Clyde is still sick and in the same hospital.

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That child wants someone to play with.

The coffee is brewing.

Thai is an interesting language.

I found the book easily though it was dark in the room.

Sedat went up the ladder to pick some apples.

Keep Hartmann busy.

We'll never see her again.

Your ideas are hardly practical.

James will make it on time.

I feel admiration for his talent.

His behavior was often a target of criticism.

You'd better tell them me.

This makes me feel a lot better.

If your orchid has yellowish leaves, it means that it was placed in inappropriate location.

Beverly received many beautiful birthday cards.


The book is missing the 2nd, 5th, and 13th chapters.

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It's in the closet.

I don't know when it happened, but it happened.

There are three cows in the barn.


I call the boy and he comes.

No one answers.

They will have been in the United States for ten years next year.

The fire has burned low, and a soft and solemn light fills the room. Neither of us speaks while the clock strikes twelve. I look out of the window. The heavens are ablaze with light, and somewhere amid those circling constellations I know that a new star has found its place, and is shining with such a ray as never before fell from heaven to earth.

Have you ever met Taninna at the library?


I don't want everyone to think I'm stupid.

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There was nobody in there.

Surrender or die!

When one is hungry, everything tastes good.

Thank you for lending us the book.

Our records show that you haven't paid yet.


Don't go onto the crossing when the alarm is ringing.

Skef is here somewhere.

A Merry Christmas to us all, my dears. God bless us!

Why not take a few days off?

I guess I never noticed it before.

What have you guys been up too?

I'm not sure if I'm in love with her.


Competence and performance are two different things.


I can not buy spare parts for this car.

Ninja showed Raul the scar on his leg.

At our place, everybody's doing fine.


It was a fair fight.

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Your arm's broken.

I will live in a room with four beds.

May I call you tomorrow?


Now she suffers for her crime.

Take it and go!

My god is greater!

This won't be the last time.

If your rent comes in past the fifth, a late charge will be added.

He's good at cards.

Let's play some tennis.

Did you find your keys?

They play football after school.


Eva reads novels whenever he has time.


Ragnar heard Varda yelling at John.

I bet I know what's wrong.

Please go outside and find out what's happening.

The detective took down his testimony on the spot.

Can I go next?

This contract is totally ridiculous.

Mann-Witney U test, Independent two-sample t test, Fisher's Exact Test and Pearson Chi-Square Test were used in analyses.

Alexis hit his attacker with a hammer.

You're quite the liar.

How did they do this?

Why don't you just tell me where you put it?

Everett spoke for almost two hours.

I give good grades for good answers.