Don't eat my French fries.

We help them.

There are places where this kind of thing happens all the time.

Vern encouraged Santa to try again.

Ritalynne respects me, I think.

She wears rings on her ears.


Nowadays the young take no care of the old.

I haven't been to Boston in three years.

Why were you at the restaurant?

Could I just ask one simple question?

Kirsten had a brain tumor.


After school, their lives diverged.

For some reason, I don't cope well with those recognized as hardliners.

Come on, it's not that hard.

Kinch called around 2:30.

After watching that film he was filled with a sense of foreboding.

A straight line is a trivial example of a curve.

For the time being, I am studying French at this language school.

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They ordered Kristi to kill Toft.


The money we offered them was obviously not enough.

I lived those days in a hut on the beach.

They may pass.

Why would they call them "Jazz essentials"?

Old did a wonderful job, that's at least my opinion.


I told her you went home sick.


You've frightened Dieter.

He hopes to visit Paris.

I want all my children to go to college.

We have a lot of things we need to buy.

She's rich, young and beautiful.

You need to have exact change to pay the toll of the expressway.

I was new.

Do you take me for a complete beginner?

We must inform the management of what's going on.

He woke from his slumber.

In the opening paragraphs I query the validity of so-called supply-side economic strategies.

It's quite warm here, isn't it?

Going back to South Africa had stirred up some painful memories for him.


By chance, I found a hot spring.

I hate it when Julia does this.

I didn't have the nerve to ask Donn that question.

Danielle is sleeping in his bedroom.

Didn't I ask you not to do that?

Speaking the same language in between several cultures sometimes is a source of more confusion than to speak different languages, since we are less aware of the different meanings that the same words can entail.

Come on, Reid, you're making me blush.

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I'm still very scared.


Please tell me where I should change trains.

Water conducts of electricity.

Spyros fell off the ladder when he was cleaning out his gutters.

That sounds too complicated.

Have you started studying for the exam?

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Was there much damage?

Jackson was not planning to retreat.

At what time do you eat breakfast?

Judeo-Spanish, Djudio, Djudezmo or Ladino is the favoured language for Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain in 1492.

Dean giggled.

Did you not have anything to eat yet?

Sanford wore a pale blue dress.


A man's happiness doesn't depend on what he has, but on what he is.

You've got to go faster.

He told her everything.

It was typical of him to arrive late.

Adult coloring books have become popular recently.

I like bargaining.

Lisa Lillien is married to Dan Schneider.

Her mind is filled with dreams of becoming an actress.

Can I get you something from the bar?

You should turn yourself in.

I am finally quits with the man.

Lowell never drinks except on special occasions.

I guess that's right.


It took a while for Pamela to react.


The fight for civil rights in the United States started in 1954, when the government said school had to be open to everyone.

You're late again.

I think there's something Jussi wants.

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I'm going abroad next summer.


That dress becomes her very well.

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Chet is sipping a cup of tea.


There's your friend.


The kids like to roughhouse with each other.

He said it, and what was more surprising, he did it himself.

I didn't know you didn't know how to swim.

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In the years to come, the vine will give many grapes.

You're in control.

They deported us.

Bob missed the last train and had to take a taxi.

Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

If the problem lies within you, then no one else can help.

Elvis did not sound as excited as Damon did.

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Leith won't be that hard to convince.



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Aren't you supposed to be at work right now?

Everything Teri said was a lie.

We'll take it.


He warmed his hands.

The hunter went deep into the forest, never to return.

Leanne is at the same age as me.

I need to buy a gift for Sanjay.

I told Pandora to wait for me in the lobby.


What would you like me to do with this stuff?


They guard their families from poverty.

We're not taking questions.

I need to get her home.

Virgin Bryce appeared to Kazuhiro in a dream.

His name has slipped my mind.


Did you go to Harvard?

When can we start?

What else is there to say?

They're throwing papers around the room.

How could you humiliate me like that?

Not having got a reply, May wrote to Bill again.

"Whose keys are these?" "They are Ragnar's."

No matter where you may travel, be sure to phone me once a week.

He must be selfish.


You have no idea what might happen, do you?

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I'm scheduled to see Mr. Jones next week.

She wrote the book with very little effort.

I just need to know who Shatter is.

Does Pradeep want something to eat?

Father took his place at the head of the table.


The party went on walking to the next village.

Kuldip confessed everything.

I don't say nasty things about their children.

What are we going to tell him?

There are various actions in conversations.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.

You're too young to be doing this kind of thing.

I look using a flashlight.

They turned over rocks to look for crayfish.

I've known Tyler forever.

We need a plan.


Is there anything else I need to take care of?

If everything goes according to plan, I should be back home again tomorrow night.

A woman visited us while you were sleeping.


The bridge suddenly gave way.

We'd be happy to accommodate you.

One evening a man came to my house.


I accommodated my plan to those new circumstances.


William didn't mean to be so late.

Bulgarian is close to Russian.

I'm fed up with Laurent's behavior.

This is it. It's over!

Hohn says he isn't going to answer any more questions right now.

The cold froze the water in the pipes.

She caught her breath.

We are going to have an examination in English tomorrow.

Sometimes I'm right and sometimes I'm wrong.

You may rely upon it that he will come in time.

Manjeri's amazed.

I answered the door.

Do you want to talk about anything?

Whatever you wish on others, it will come to you as well.

He made a journey around the world.

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I won't go to see it.

Why are you so sad?

Woody is hardly listening.

The letter is addressed to my parents.

Please give this to her.

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They are pilots.

I came here without Jorge's permission.

Ken is going to the United States at the end of July.

Are you sure this is the place we're supposed to be?

I might not have told Malus that.

Agatha plays the guitar well.

Does it get much sun?