I hate it when my clothes smell of cigarette smoke.

Andy's singing is pretty good.


Tyson followed up the jab with a left hook.


What flight were you on?

Mitchell and Lawrence mounted their horses.

The enemy suffered many casualties.

Taro and Hanako are going to get married next spring.

The women are relaxing on the piano.

She must have some nerve to go and meet him by herself.

Anxiety about immigration is one of the reasons why Great Britain voted to leave the European Union.


You haven't seen anything yet?

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We need not only adequate water but clean water.

You've already won.

Do you know this Polish proverb?


If the other person does mention his family, then it is perfectly OK to ask about the ages of the children, and if you have children, to compare educational and cultural differences in raising children.


Hughes certainly is aware of what happened here yesterday.

We are concerned about the shortage of the commodities.

It wasn't always easy for Edison to invent new things.

I can teach you how to do that.

I'll go along.

Take hold of it. We're going to pull it.

Nici didn't consider Martin's feelings at all.

What is it you'd like to know?

I like seafood.

How do you think Srivatsan did that?

Are you still sick?


That just happened.

Do you want to play it?

There was still a glimmer of hope left.

It would be remiss of me not to mention the risks involved.

Vern certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as rich as he is if he hadn't married Milner.

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Dust got into one of my eyes.

I'll need at least three days to translate this thesis.

It's not something I'd do.

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Marc cooked all his own meals.

I've got two tickets for the concert. Wanna come?

Through this sentence, the author was making it known to Heinrich and Urs that their destiny was escaping him, as he didn't understand the deep meaning of his own sentences.


I never see a library without wishing I had time to go there and stay till I had read everything in it.

I need some relief.

At first blush, Stanley's suggestion seemed feasible.

I have seen nothing of her lately.

We think it is very dangerous that you're climbing the mountain alone.

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Because of their rarity, pandas have become a world treasure.


Brandy wouldn't go out with Jacob.


Japanese forces marched into Burma.


I'm home, Mom!


An ancient race left ringed contraptions throughout the galaxy to shortcut through space-time.

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My bank statement no longer comes in the mail, but it can be accessed online.

Wow, that sky is really something.

There are some old houses in this street.

It's good to talk and better to shut up.

You're going to need more money than that.

Do you know when The might be back?

My uncle bought me this book.

Hope while you live.

Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.

Lance's bags are packed.

You have hung up the laundry.

Ben told Stephen that he won the race, even though he didn't.

Just look at those legs.


Chris stopped himself.

Is it "God" or "god"?

You're really hard to understand.

I don't have the feeling for Chinese music in my body.

You must be more patient.

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We were all so happy.

He is too wise not to know that.

Why do you think that I would do something like that?


As far as I am concerned, I am not against your opinion.


The common adder is ovoviviparous.


Is it proper to enter a mosque wearing dirty socks?

Shouldn't we slow down?

Just behave yourself.

I can't believe those kids talk to their mom that way.

The books are organized by subject.

We both know why Eddie isn't here.

I'm not putting you under arrest.

He is a formidable opponent.

Anything is infinitely better than nothing.

Tricia didn't care how it got done as long as it got done.

Jess will succeed eventually.

Rajarshi made up the whole story.

This fish is inexpensive but nourishing.

We are subject to the laws of nature.

Single dads are becoming more and more vocal in the U.S.

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Girls performed as well as boys on the math test.


I didn't even know Teri had a girlfriend.

I can fix it.

You were manipulating him.

I had difficulty working out the problem.

Matti and Space don't know what they should do next.

Jamie wants to get better at French.

Your payment is now two months overdue.

I just did what you told me to do.

Who's got the tickets?


I own 30 acres of land about 3 miles out of town.


Either you or I will get the first prize.

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What's the worst thing you've ever done?

We've all heard the rumors.

Have it on my desk by tomorrow.

Seth makes quite a bit of money.

Are you taking in all he is saying?

Show me your driving license, please.

Why don't you try this one?

I prefer biking.

It is kind of pretty.

I'll ask around and see if I can find out if anyone has ideas on how to solve the problem.

We went to London last year.


Where we can talk undisturbed?


With the exception of Angus, everyone attended.

She was fully guaranteed her liberty.

Last night, we saw a touching film at the movies.


You should listen to me.

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I'd like to sleep a little longer.

I will go back and fetch it.

Why have I done it?

No one's blaming you.

He is going to have to buy them.

Indeed, I keep the closet closed.

My dad keeps on telling bad jokes like: "Are you fed up of going to Fedup's?".

Are there any objections?

Clare is being quite foolish, isn't he?


I didn't ask him any questions.

Your friends sound nice.

I didn't murder anyone.

You're just so superficial and shallow.

He told me to give you this.

His oral agreement may not mean anything without his signed contract.

How can someone be so unconscientious?


I'd like everyone to wear nice clothes.

These are what Johnathan bought yesterday.

When was the last time you had a checkup?


He never fails to give her a birthday present.

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Betsy has been coming here three or four times a week.

We haven't seen her in a while.

This a very significant discovery.

I've never seen her so tense.

I like to eat apples.

When is my flight?

Step off the train all alone at dawn.

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Does Betty's son know that his mother is a serial killer?


I recognized Mahesh the moment I saw her.

Mitchell told me that you two went shopping.

You've got three weeks.

Dick had been dependent on his parents, but now he's independent of them.

You won't need me.

Small children tend to wander off if you don't watch them all the time.

He suppressed his anger.


I want you to meet him.

He has really made a hole in my finances.

According to the budget, she could expend no more on supplies.


You have only to sit quietly with your hands folded in your lap.

Get Raanan out of my sight.

I was probably thirty years old at that time.


The increase in juvenile delinquency is a serious problem.

There are many truths, but only one reality.

The squirrel climbed the tree.


Do you think you could persuade Neal to help us?


Do you know where to put everything?