I lost my cat and job on the same day, and on top of it all, my wife announced that she was leaving me.

She backstabbed him.


Understood why I am opposed to women on the tatami?


I did do some checking.

Get them out of my sight.

I'm sorry, but I won't be able to help you.

iTunes has turned out to be a real cash cow for Apple.

This store sells old books.

I will share with you in the cost of the taxi.

The drain was clogged.

It's just a tale.

A general is a high-ranking military officer.

They perform at Theatro Dom Pedro II all week.

We swerved as the lorry crashed past. It was a close thing.


There are no mistakes in your composition.

I thought you read my resume.

Haven't you finished yet?

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That country is five times as large as Japan.


You have to help me escape.

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I knew you wouldn't help us.

The thieves knocked off another bank today in a daytime robbery.

You should check on them.

It took him a long time to take in what she was saying.

You had played.


I want to send an airmail letter to Poland.


I'm a little tired, that's all.


Our ancestors came here over a hundred years ago.

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A lot of their time is spent on part-time jobs.

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Look at this Japanese car.

I told you Raja didn't do it.

I am disappointed at the news.


As soon as he saw the policeman, he ran for it.


It was a very rewarding experience.

Lori ordered pizza.

She unwraps her birthday gift.


Please just leave me alone. I want to think.

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Anna ducked into the alley.

We consulted them about the problem.

I'll see to it that Ramadoss does what you've told him to do.

The smell is persistent.

Rudolf was the first guy I ever kissed 10 years ago.

I can buy what I need at a store near my house.

Though the best be in sight, / It's the worst I grip tight.

My house is north of the library.

Edith did some work for me recently.


It may sound strange, but what she said is true.

I don't manufacture your computers.

We were supposed to go swimming together.

Liza asked for Pitawas's opinion.

There's more where that came from.


I believe that we found the problem.

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Your honesty is refreshing.

Do you know how to speak?

We told Shai that.

Where did you get that water?

Please give me money.

Lowell can't give you an answer now.

Where is my ball?

My brother was injured in the car accident.

Why didn't you tell Elaine you were in pain?


If you sum up feminist counselling in a few words, I suppose it would be counselling done from a woman's standpoint.

We captured cicadas with a net.

What more do they want?

I want nothing from you.

This is your responsibility. It's not the kind of thing you can laugh off.

I think I can take care of myself.

Who was where?


I want to say this the right way.

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He went to Africa in 1960 never to return.

Grace pushed me into the lockers.

There's a great variety of creatures living in the sea.

I didn't like that game until I started to win.

I was shocked at how rude, stubborn, and arrogant that Frenchman was.

When drawing kanji be careful of dots and sweeps, write as carefully and quickly as possible.

I leave this afternoon.

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She has been to Paris.

I will get through with my homework before he comes.

Walt tried to keep Ramanan warm.

Janice identifies as queer.

What's the difference between an owl and a barn owl?


I'm not going to ask Elliott that question.

My uncle lives in Germany.

Real has been spending a lot of money on clothes.

Tatoeba is a language dictionary.

The bed linen changes every week.


I've never seen the Eiffel Tower of Paris.

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Where's your wallet?

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A special tax is imposed on very high incomes.


Ann rocks.


He sat on the bench in the park.

The man turned out to be a private detective.

People achieve more when they cooperate.

This rope is very tough.

If I tell you how it's done, will you do it?


They were suddenly aware of a noise in the back of the room.

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It looks like it may rain today. I'm worried that our cherry-blossom-viewing party might be canceled.

That's a great name.

I get bored.

He is, so to speak, a walking dictionary.

Please sit as close to the front as possible.


I saw Jared and Emmett in the park.

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'Guillaume and Lebas' will that not make a good business name? We might add, 'and Co.' to round off the firm's signature.


Are you still sure you don't want to do that?

That's way too much.

Operator, I'm trying to get through to Boston.


You need to wait for a while longer.

I thought that was great.

He bought a new car.


The least you can do is schlep me somewhere.

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I had been studying music in Boston before I returned to Japan.

The banks are closed Sunday.

They determined the date for the trip.


That's not the end of the story yet.

The city has a large population.

Americans constitute 5% of the world's population but consume 24% of the world's energy.

Alexander just came from there.

My vodka is strong.

She is quite a poet.

How about walking to the top of the mountain?

What is your opinion on the Japanese education system?

Take me home immediately.

Nathaniel dropped the ball.

We stayed roommates for four years.

He made a false statement to the police.

Sushi is delicious.

Our love will burn forever.

Do you want to buy a dress?

They kept their findings secret.

Lynn tried to ignore the problem.

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All my ducklings are swimming in the lake.

I love Basque.

Peter is the chairman of the board.

When his wife died he was full of heartrending grief.

Kelvin watched Olivier drawing a picture.

Her father was a tractor driver.

Things were never quite the same after that.

Barbra wrote Pieter a letter.

Can you see her right now?

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I'll be ready when you need me.

He won the lottery.

I have a ring.

I'm not sure I want to see this.

Your voice carries well.


You won't need to tell Wolf anything.

I don't like you and I never will.

Francois was the one who designed these costumes.

Victor can be relied on.

Don't follow her example.

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He works in the car industry.

We should study.

This was so stupid.

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They began to quarrel among themselves.

What made you ask that?

I think it's a good compromise.


I'm riding with him.


The book is too cheap.