Let's check your boarding pass.

Damone met Derek there.


When I was badly off, I fell back on him.


Leave me alone and let me do my job.

Corey and Andre, the famous celebrity couple, want to get divorced.

My son made a small bear out of pipe cleaners.

Dan was suspected of arson.

How was that decision made?

I think reading novels isn't a waste of time.

Where can I get the map?

Who allowed him in?

I miss my mom.

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We have enjoyed peace for more than forty years.

What are they waiting for?

I am at the rear of him.


What's he talking about?

He belongs to the diplomatic corps.

You should be talking to her.

What kind of men do you like?

Vincent leaned in and kissed Micah's cheek.

The doctor is young. Is the pilot, too?

Winnie told Gregg that they needed to be careful not to wear out their welcome.

Take me to Lin.

Sharada is much surprised at the news.


I used to get yelled at for hogging the phone.

If you don't want your old bicycle, you can always give it away.

Lanny trimmed the stems of the flowers Floria gave her so they'd fit into the vase.


Everybody knows who Shannon is.

There used to be a castle on the top of the mountain.

Will you go there?

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We have ten cattle.

Everything's gone pretty good so far.

What have you done with my bag?

At the station, I had the hardest time finding my ticket.

Why do you need it?

I have money for you.

What's the difference between a religion and a cult?

China and Japan differ in many points.

Medical marijuana is legal in this state.

The prisoner was pardoned by the governor.

I'm not going to marry him.


The accused remains in custody.

Cathy was correct.

Perhaps it was coincidence.

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I am looking forward to your letter.

Is he a doctor or a patient?

It sure looks cool.

I don't have anything to write with.

I hope you have insurance.

No one has seen them.

I wish I had eaten something else.

Moe has been very cooperative.

The police will pursue her for a long time.

Why should I lift and finger to help Saify?

He mistook me for an Englishman.


I didn't have enough time to finish my presentation.


Success means much money, doesn't it?

Where do you not want to go?

She's spending too much time on the computer.

She's fighting for her life.

We're getting to know each other.

Macedonia is called "Makedonija" in Macedonian.

To rule a country is no easy task.

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I didn't want to hurt his feelings.


I want to warn him.


With your help, I could succeed.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would never agree to your plan.

Clyde Tombaugh also discovered several star clusters, a comet and more than a hundred asteroids.


Deborah is a lot shorter than Vic is.

I think we should all be worried a little bit about the way Julius has been acting lately.

I'm visiting a friend of mine in hospital.


We're waiting for things to happen.

This is a term used to describe the warming of the earth, due to growing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Open the door.


Maureen's company was bought by a larger company.

He doesn't sleep.

You know me and know that I'm not joking.


Today the ozone layer is thinning.

You can tell him for all I care.

We need to find out where Antonio is hiding.

Her teacher praised her.

I was just remembering.

Susanne was wearing a cowboy hat the last time I saw him.

Here's my number.

They're absolutely certain.

He stayed in Nagano throughout the summer.

They are writing some letters.

I think you should study harder.

That tie looks good on you.

Phiroze and Rodent depended on one another.

Let me go!

"You going to Jason's party?" "I don't know yet."

As soon as work is over, he makes a beeline for the pub.

My father is going to china


We have not had a single drop of rain for two weeks.


You should have listened to me.

You talk about them too much.

You shouldn't have lied to me.

I don't think David hates you.

A dairy cow is a useful animal.

Get away from it all!

With this you can make a clean sweep of leftover breakfast smells and such to make the air clean.

They can't fire you.

Horst has a tight schedule.

Sonja is sitting on the bench.

Where is the Syrian embassy?

She loves her boyfriend.

Marching is one of the avenues for social protest.

Did you come home early just to eat then go out again?

Why not ask her?

We can all agree on that.

Are there people whose mother tongue is Esperanto?

What does Erwin want to be when he grows up?

I sit down crosslegged where Aoi points.

I sure hope you're wrong.

He's as timid as a rabbit.

I don't want anything from them.

Any other bright ideas?

This news is new to me.

Can you drive a car?

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Honestly, his speeches are always boring.


Her mother called her.

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The actor is making up.

I wasn't aggressive enough.

The wounded soldier is writhing in pain.

Could you show me what you're serving?

Every time we go hiking, he falls behind.


I've been keeping an eye on you.


If anything's going to happen, it should happen soon.

Do you think that Spermophilus predators have night vision?

What a temperament! If I didn't know he was Norwegian, I would think he was Italian.

I've lost my glasses.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone.


Do you have any gum?

Jacques leaned over the bridge.

The building may crash at any time.


You're vague.

You scared me, Robert!

It's a hostile environment.

Our teacher will give us difficult problems.

I wanted to call you but I didn't have your number.


Please tell me everything's OK.


I usually get up at 8.


I was called in for jury this morning, and I actually have to serve on a case.


When was the last time you pegged up the washing?

I was to blame.

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.

Eat green fruit and ten to one you will get ill.

Bob has just heard the news.

He does not go without repairing the clock.

I want to have a career before I get married.

I think Rex is pompous.

You have to tell the police what you saw.

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The newcomer fell short of our expectation.


Those two make a fine pair.

Jagath can't take on any more work.

May I ask who's speaking?


I should've kept the guitar that Shamim gave me.

The problem is whether my parents will agree or not.

My parents didn't suspect anything.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one person could not come.

Who's the pizza for?

What you need is a friend.

A magnificent sight presented itself before us.

We're all like brothers.

Svante and Krzysztof are happy together.