The fork made its way to Western tables several hundred years later, but it was not immediately accepted.

"I Love You" is the title of more songs than anyone can sing in her lifetime.

Is this a date?

What's the name of the place?

I'm studying Toki Pona.

The skater spun round and round on the ice.


I recognize that guy.

Julie asked me if he could borrow thirty dollars.

Cathryn hasn't started yet.


The two of us don't belong here.

Cory said he couldn't accept the job.

Here's what's going to happen.

Shaw doesn't know how to play chess.

Brad had a son named John.

I hate dieting.

We will talk to her before she leaves the office.


I have a clear conscience.

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I don't want you to go to Boston.


Your homework is one important part of the learning experience.

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I'm very allergic to peanuts.

A part of our own military has become involved with the enemy.

We packed their suitcases for them.

In any case, I'll have to go there tomorrow.

I had a checklist I used.

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I went fishing last Monday.

Did you ever talk to them?

Come give mommy a kiss.

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I'll meet you down at the station tomorrow.


We didn't have a choice.


Don't argue with me.

I hope Shannon is safe.

Can someone give me a sensible answer to this question?


How do you like your coffee? Strong and black?

She devoted her money to social welfare.

She called the psychiatrist.


You're going to be jealous.

She turned the doorknob slowly.

I didn't get an email from them today.

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Don't you play jazz anymore?

May I ask what that means?

One of us has to go to that meeting.


Triantaphyllos admitted he wasn't really sick.


I'll be on duty this Sunday.

Come on, let us talk about flowers.

I know Janos is right.


Charley told me he'd never tell anyone about that.

If the people knew by what small men they are ruled, they would soon rebel.

I don't know if this is a problem that can be solved, but it might be something we should be trying to figure out.

An apple fell off the tree.

That's sufficient.

Dawn could be planning to do that by himself.

Bryan isn't ready for this.

The chair gave way as Neal sat on it, and he crashed to the floor injuring his back.

Bobby sold it to somebody else.


The sedative is taking effect.

Why does this stuff keep happening to us?

Julius has a nice personality.


I'm often sleepy.

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I've bought a gift for Emily.

I wonder if I should tell him the truth.

I admire you for keeping your head.

We relaxed in the jacuzzi.

I can imagine that.


I was just fortunate.


Do you all want me to bring you anything?

There was not a long queue at the stadium.

People who laugh a lot are much happier than those who don't laugh very much.

I'm very impressed by your work.

Open your mouth wide.

That's all she wrote.

I took two aspirin for my headache.


Does Torsten know how Theo feels about him?


Has Myron ever told you how he met Dieter?

Our fate depends on your decisions.

The left turn signal will only activate if a vehicle in the left turn lane triggers the sensor embedded in the roadway.

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Jim studies far into the night.

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That building is the tallest in Japan.

He has a deep affection for his son.

Chet was able to do it.

His criminal record is apparently for murder, but he won't start to talk about the details.

Reading aloud was a great effort to him.

If you can use gravity to your advantage, do so.

He works for a telecommunications company.


The good old days are gone never to return.

She told him everything.

Everybody jumped into the pool.

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I'll never listen to him again.

I can't see anything in here.

When I read this book, I always find something new in it.

One cannot teach wisdom to a fool.

Revised is chopping firewood.

She terrified him.

My brother is living in Boston.

You have to dedicate yourself to the task.

I just want to know what actually happened.


My daughter likes summer fruits, such as cherries, watermelons and peaches.


It's a lot of fun.

I wish you'd stop calling me so late at night.

What am I going to say to them?

Where is the market?

Isn't that the same guy who wants to buy your house?

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I don't work for them.


Giovanni, you look terrible. What happened?

She seemed uninterested in our problems, so we stopped asking her for help.

Darci certainly is lucky to be alive.

Sprinkle sugar on when they are baked.

English is spoken in Canada.

Location: A fewminutes from the Verona Est turnpike exit.

Ramanan wants to hug Jitendra.

Bonnie passed by.

My study absorbed me in those days.

You're staying with him, right?

For all his faults, Sam is still a very likable person.

I hardly ever wear my red sweater.

I could hardly wait to hear the news.

Where the fuck his hand is going?

Harv seems really happy to be here.


You'll probably need some help.

The sun shines during the day.

If you take this medicine, you will feel better.


Even though Beckie is on the team, he's just a bench warmer.


Who can say what we did is wrong?


We need to take a break from each other.

This is a very famous story.

Another three miles is more than I can walk.

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Sam is earnest about his work.


No, you can't use my car!

It's exactly the opposite of what you think.

The patient lies in bed.


I just want to know how far we're going.


There is no point in trying to introduce Japanese literature to him.

Rudy and Bertrand are both doing fine.

In 2024, there will be a robot in every home.

I study French at home.

I thought Cristi would like Jingbai.

I'm not that disappointed.

We tried to determine his location, but it seems that he's not in the city.

It is my dream to become a teacher.

Syun and I have known each other for about three years.


I take it you talked to Claudia.

I need you to help me find her.

We were at the mill, near the hemp field.

The region boasts the most beautiful women in the country.

He saw it also.

Why didn't you go?

It was a nice idea.

Mrs. Liu visited me last week, and today I will return her visit.

He is a diplomat at the American Embassy.

I'll stay in Boston for three more days.

He had his socks on inside out.

Gas could be leaking at our home.

Now, that's funny.


Hui answered his cell phone.

He is not the sort of man who counts on others for help.

It has been raining for seven full days.

Brooke decided to surrender.

Granville doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

I didn't like doing that.

Dwayne is coming here this afternoon, isn't he?