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GlobalSbasAlliance Web Monitor is a web portal for SBAS-PPP demonstrator performance analysis. It enables the on-line access to the Real-Time performance of different SBAS-PPP demonstrators. GlobalSbasAlliance Web Monitor includes magicSBAS Tool Suite and PPP Monitoring Tools.

magicSBAS Tool Suite is a complete set of tools that allow setting up a SBAS demonstrator in any region of the planet and the analysis of its performance. magicSBAS Tool Suite includes a Real-Time SBAS service demonstrator called sibilate and two performance analysis modules called magicGEMINI and Eclayr. Using these modules, the operator can perform a comprehensive set of performance analysis including accuracy, integrity, service continuity and availability.

PPP Monitoring Tools analyse PPP service corrections availability, orbit and clock accuracy against IGS products and consistency between executions. In addition, it is estimated the user position error for a set of PPP user receiver.

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The Public Area includes the performance monitoring of 2 SBAS demonstator. This information provided does not include any warranty or liability.